Saturday, September 26, 2015

New video at Creative PaperClay Blog

New Halloween Ornament Video on the Creative PaperClay Blog

Check it out, I think you'll have fun!


Friday, September 11, 2015

New technique video!

Let's get our craft on!

Hi folks,

So much has been happening lately, not all of it good, and I'm here to let you know to go check out my latest video on the "Creative PaperClay" blog.

I've lost two friends recently to the big "C," hubby lost his job at the state, I've been caring for my mom again as she fell and broke her right wrist, we've been trying for over a year to consolidate and remodel and get out of this humongous house.  I've also recently aquired two new grandson's through my son's marriage in July, my daughter who brought my sweet grandson Maxwell for my birthday last year, is due to deliver her second boy around December 13th, and we're waiting to hear if my new daughter-in-law is pregnant.........whew, 5 grandkids by next May possibly!!!!! Two years ago I was complaining that I had none...........the squeaky wheel really got oiled this time.

There's more, but no more time to write as I've gotta get back to working on the house.  Please stop by the Creative PaperClay blog and check out my latest video.

Big Hugs,

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to make inexpensive molds for crafting

Hello all,

Today I posted my first ever, tip/hint, video on the Creative PaperClay!  I'm also posting it here for ya'll, as it can be relevent to most crafting medium.  I've used the "mixable" two part molding compounds in the past, and boy are they expensive.  This version I'm showing today, isn't a breakthrough, in fact I've found a few video's already out there for this.  I just want to stress how inexpensive this way is, not to mention I get way more molds from this method than from the store bought stuff.  I hope you enjoy the video, and as always, please contact me if you have questions.  I've listed my contact info in the end credits.

Have a great week!